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Best Home Loans

When searching for a Home Loan, there are several factors that you must consider. Getting a good home loan or refinance loan is the desired achievement of every homeowner that is why most mortgage owners are skeptical about applying for loans from just any bank or mortgage broker. Let me take you on a quick guide to how you can get the Best Home Loans from one of the most experienced mortgage Brokers in Australia.

When you as a homeowner are in the market for a Home Loan; there is one important factor that you must consider. Today mortgage brokers lodge more loans than banks in Australia. The reason is that brokers can give a far greater choice from over 30 lenders and a multitude of products at market leading interest rates, compared to what a solitary bank branch can do. So it would be in the best interest of all homeowners to consider this important factor when hunting for a home loan.

Now, here are some FAQ’s of every homeowner.


  • What are the Best Home Loans?
  • Should I apply for a Home Loan pre-Approval?
  • How we manage the process
  • Use our Mortgage Repayment Calculator?


What are the Best Home Loans?

Your expenditure and budgeting during the period of your loan term is vitally important and it can determine the difference between paying your loan off much sooner or running the full term of the loan, while interest rates are so low we can explain which products will help you effectively reduce your debt sooner and save you many tens of thousands of dollars in interest. We will assess your objectives and financial needs, and then we will carry out an extensive search across the hundreds of loan products from many different lenders that we are accredited with, including major banks and non-branch lenders. This process enables us to find the best product, tailored to suit your circumstances.

Now the big question is this; as you have probably learnt today that a much wider choice of home loans can be sought from mortgage brokers and not individual Banks, which Mortgage Broker, can you trust to get the Best Home Loans at very minimal interest rates.

Mortgage Fastrack is the answer. This mortgage broker being one of the best in Australia has accreditation with over 30 of Australia’s best banks and lenders. Although John operates in the Wollongong/ Illawarra region he has access to the best market leading interest rates in the whole of Australia.

Should I apply for a Home Loan pre-approval?

It makes sense to apply for a home loan pre-approval in some instances particularly if you are about to purchase land or a new or established property because it means that the bank can effectively determine how much you can borrow based on the salary that you earn and it can give you certainty if you are considering purchasing a property, this gives you peace of mind knowing you have received a bank’s approval before you sign a binding contract. The pre-approval is usually good for 90days, so that gives you time to look around before you purchase the property of your choice.

We manage the process

Once you are ready to proceed, then Mortgage Fastrack will help you to complete the necessary paperwork and he will liaise with your chosen lender on your behalf. This will include helping you complete your home loan application and we will manage the process and the on-going communication between you and the bank until your home loan is approved and settled, but it does not end there Mortgage Fastrack will be available for any help you need on-going after settlement.

Use our mortgage repayment calculator

Just as the name implies; this device is used to quickly calculate your mortgage repayment, however for more detailed scenarios please contact John at Mortgage Fastrack.

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